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The Ultimate Bed Bug Prep List

Getting rid of bed bugs is possible –
Don’t lose hope! And Don’t Panic. We are here to help.

Before you read this list – if you already feel overwhelmed and can’t imagine spending a week or two preparing for a Bed Bug Extermination, Just Call us now instead.  We’ll do your Bed Bug Prep and all the work for you.  Before you know it, you and your family will be sleeping peacefully in your own beds.

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Any good bed bug exterminator will require that you prepare your space before treatment. This will enable them to easily access important areas and also ensures a successful extermination.

We have prepared hundreds of homes for bed bug extermination over the years and have turned bed bug preparation from ‘following a prep list’ into a thorough and effective art form.

Download our free Bed Bug Prep List for a complete process plus a list of all the necessary supplies:

Download Free Prep List Now!

1. Confirm you have bed bugs.

Begin by making sure you have a Bed Bug Infestation by having a Bed Bug Dog or an Expert Bed Bug Exterminator confirm you actually have Bed Bugs. Check out our post How to Check for Bed Bugs to learn more about confirming an infestation.

It takes about 40 hours of work to prepare a one bedroom apartment for a first treatment by an exterminator. Start by sorting through every item in your home, in your closets and dressers, on your walls, in your cabinets and book shelves. and checking every area for signs of Bed Bugs.

2. Get supplies.

Prepare your home in a smart and organized fashion by having the necessary supplies on hand. It may sound tempting to throw everything into garbage bags, but not only will this increase the risk of reinfestation, it will also make it very difficult to keep track of your belongings and unpack after the extermination period.

You’ll want to use clear bags for clothing, dry cleaning items, and other fabrics and linens.

Large bins with lids are great for your most of your other items, like papers, books, toys, knick-knacks, etc… Never use cardboard boxes, as bed bugs can borough into this type of porous material.

Make sure you have the correct Bed Bug and Egg killing agents and other packing supplies like tape, scissors, markers, etc…

Make sure you have labels handy (or write on masking tape) to keep track of the original location and category of each bag and bin.

For a full list of supplies download our Complete Bed Bug Prep List.

3. Prepare your home for extermination.

This is a great time to get rid of clutter or items you don’t really need. It will make your home easier to treat and the cost of the Bed Bug Prep will be lower with fewer items.

Vacuum all areas of your home thoroughly to begin. If you’ve had a Bed Bug Dog, focus on the areas that showed positive for Bed Bugs or nests.

After everything is clean, pack everything that can be laundered and heated, wash and dry these items on high heat to at least 120 degrees for 30 minutes or longer.  Pack and send out all items that need to be dry cleaned to a specialty Bed Bug Dry Cleaner.

Make sure before you do your Bed Bug Prep, you create a Clear Bin or a travel bag for each member of your household including Pets, and list all the items you will need to survive for about 6 to 8 weeks. Once you have heated and cleaned your items, you can safely pack your travel bag. You’ll have what you need to live comfortably while your household items remain safely packed for the entire extermination to avoid cross contamination, until you are confirmed Bed Bug Free.

Even items that have serious Bed Bug Infestations can be treated, but most people who have Bed Bugs in New York want to be cautious. Your exterminator may recommend that you get rid of badly infested wooden or fabric furniture. These items must be properly wrapped and marked and discarded according to the regulations of your building and the Bed Bug Furniture and Refuse Removal laws of the City of New York.

Last, remove switch plates and electrical outlet covers. Some exterminators want you to drill holes in the walls so they can spray additional chemicals into the walls to prevent re-infestation.  Then move all of your clean empty furniture away from your walls in each room that will be exterminated. This will enable your Exterminator to move around easily and properly spray your home.

For a complete prep list, download our Free Bed Bug Prep List PDF. It includes all necessary steps and supplies, plus helpful resources to ensure a job well done.

Download Free Prep List Now!

4. Hire a bed bug exterminator

Make sure you’ve made arrangements for pets, children, people with chemical allergies or sensitivities, elderly, disabled or infirm family members to be out of your home for the correct amount of time – usually 4 hours and up to 24 hours. Most exterminators use products which can be harmful, so it’s important to be aware of how long you will have to be out of your home.  You can also find a Green Exterminator or use alternative, natural Bed Bug Killing Products.

Benefits of using our Bed Bug Prep Service in Brooklyn or New York City:

Great Green Bed Bug Prep of NY can do all of this for you.

Bed Bugs are scary and exhausting. We come in with an experienced, supervised crew and in most cases, we can complete your Bed Bug Prep in one day. We will sort and clean your belongings, remove items to be discarded, we will follow your exterminators prep list exactly. And we will do all of this safely, discreetly, professionally and correctly with over 15 years of Bed Bug Prep experience. You’ll be safe from cross-contamination.

We will also pack your travel kit, so you’ll have everything you need during your extermination.

We use earth-friendly, child and pet-friendly products, so you can be home with us while we work, if you choose. You won’t have to lift a finger!

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